My father, E. Howard Hunt, "Papa" , Watergate Burglar, CIA, OSS, Novelist, Spy

Family portrait, L>R, Lisa, Mama, Kevan, Papa, Saint John-  Uruguay, 1959

Truth seeker Alex Jones of and me, Dallas 2008

Hunt For Truth

President Eisenhower shaking hands with my father, 1957 Montevideo Uruguay

​Jesse Ventura and me during filming of Conspiracy Theory.

Comparison photos- middle is one of the "tramps" in Dallas

"Overcoat man", Dealey Plaza Nov. 22.1963.  Papa?

The artwork for the groundbreaking Rolling Stone article "The Last Confession of E Howard Hunt"  April 2007

​Family photo gallery​​

​   Watergate... JFK Assassination... The War With Nixon... The Murder of Dorothy Hunt


   Conspiracy, C.I.A, and  What it's Like Growing Up In An International Covert Ops Family      

Saint John, 2012

A spy in Vienna, 1948

My mother, Dorothy, "mama", OSS, CIA, Watergate Pay Mistress, Spy

My father gave me this on one of my visits to Miami.  The "chain of command lists LBJ at the top, Cord Myer (CIA agent whose wife was one of JFK's many mistresses), David Morales (CIA contract agent, member of secret assassination squad Operation 40), Bill Harvey (CIA station chief Rome, who recruited Lee Harvey Oswald for the false defector program in 1959, and who recruited the Corsican underworld gunman, Lucien Sarte to fire from the grassy knoll).

Literature, Memorabilia, Collectables, Bay of Pigs,J.F.K. assassination, Nixon, Watergate. 

My name is Saint John HuntSon of E Howard and Dorothy Hunt 

The last photo of

E Howard Hunt,

Jan. 2007

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