A spy in Vienna, 1948

My mother, Dorothy, "mama", OSS, CIA, Watergate Pay Mistress, Spy

Watergate, the War With Nixon and

​The Murder of E Howard Hunt's Wife

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My father, E. Howard Hunt, "Papa" , Watergate Burglar, CIA, OSS, Novelist, Spy

Family portrait, L>R, Lisa, Mama, Kevan, Papa, Saint John-  Uruguay, 1959

​​​​“In his heartfelt memoir, Dorothy, St. John Hunt, the son of E. Howard Hunt, reveals startling and unknown details about the Watergate scandal. He answers many questions about his mother’s role as a co-conspirator, and tells how he, at eighteen, helped his father in the cover-up. Dorothy is the tale of a mother and son reluctantly involved in a terrifying family business at the center of one of the most sordid chapters in twentieth century American history. Dorothy exposes dangerous truths – it was an act of courage to write it.”
Mark Lane,  New York Times Best Selling Author of Rush to Judgement, Plausible Denial


President Eisenhower shaking hands with my father, 1957 Montevideo Uruguay

​   Watergate... JFK Assassination... The War With Nixon... The Murder of Dorothy Hunt


   Conspiracy, C.I.A, and  What it's Like Growing Up In An International Covert Ops Family      

​Jesse Ventura and me during filming of Conspiracy Theory.

My father gave me this on one of my visits to Miami.  The "chain of command lists LBJ at the top, Cord Myer (CIA agent whose wife was one of JFK's many mistresses), David Morales (CIA contract agent, member of secret assassination squad Operation 40), Bill Harvey (CIA station chief Rome, who recruited Lee Harvey Oswald for the false defector program in 1959, and who recruited the Corsican underworld gunman, Lucien Sarte to fire from the grassy knoll).

Referring to Bond of Secrecy...

"An Important part of history"  Oliver Stone, Academy Award Winning Director of  Platoon and Born on the Fourth of July

Saint John, 2012

Comparison photos- middle is one of the "tramps" in Dallas

"Overcoat man", Dealey Plaza Nov. 22.1963.  Papa?

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The last photo of

E Howard Hunt,

Jan. 2007

"Until we get the truth from our government, we must find it where we can.  St. John Hunt's book, Bond of Secrecy is one place." ...

Jesse Ventura,  former Governor of Minnesota, Author, and Host of Conspiracy Theory  

  the Killing of JFK and Hunt's Deathbed Confession

The artwork for the groundbreaking Rolling Stone article "The Last Confession of E Howard Hunt"  April 2007

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“A captivating beauty, aid worker, spy and mother, Dorothy Hunt, the wife of Watergate burglar E. Howard Hunt, was at the heart of U.S. Government covert activities following World War II. Was the fatal 1972 plane crash that killed her along with 45 others intended to prevent Mrs. Hunt from telling what she knew about Watergate and other secrets, including the JFK assassination? Who better to present the thrilling story of the intrigue surrounding this woman than her son?”   Jim MarrsNew York Times Best Selling Author of CROSSFIRE, The Plot to Kill the President

Truth seeker Alex Jones of and me, Dallas 2008