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Growing up in  America's most notorious spy families, I came to understand that what is told may not be what is truth.  In my own family I believed everything my parents told me.  All of that changed when I turned 16 and my father revealed that he was not employed by the State Department, that my mother was not just a part time secretary, and that just about everything I had come to believe was a cover.  

These revelations started a healthy dose of skepticism that continues to this day.  When Watergate unfolded I realized just how secret my father's life had been.  Watergate also brought about the death of my mother.   Later there were accusations that my father had been involved with the assassination of John F Kennedy.   What all of this meant was that I had no idea who my father and mother really were, or what they had been involved in and how it fit together.  I have spent the last 15 years trying to find the answers and along the way have encountered other mysteries and conspiracies.  I do what I can to uncover the truth.  Join me in challenging the status quo, in searching behind the accepted facts and in never believing, just because someone tells you to. 

​Hunt For Truth

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 Saint John Hunt seeking  truth in the Mysteries , Conspiracies, and Politics of the Baby Boomer era.